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It has arrived…

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Welcome to the first post ‘proper’ of Eee 701 Planetoid—the “spin-off” from my main blog, Sidingsound. “E7P” is devoted to the Asus Eee PC 701, an ultra-small laptop computer running Linux… and more specifically, my Eee 701, which arrived yesterday.

I’ll be using this blog to document any useful ‘hacks’ (in the sense of adjustments to the software, and if appropriate, the hardware) I find, handy applications (and how to install them) and other items which may be of interest and/or use to owners of this machine. I’m also hoping, over time, to add some multimedia here—amongst other ideas, I’d like to try creating some “screencasts” on the Eee, and if time allows, I hope to start a video podcast to accompany this blog, and demonstrate some of the things you can do with the Eee 701 (or that I learn along the way).

So, what have my first impressions been?

  • I was surprised not to hear the whirr of a hard drive when I started up the computer: in fact, I heard nothing, not even a fan. This shouldn’t be surprising, given that the 701 has a solid-state (i.e. flash memory-based) main drive, but I’m so used to computers with “spinning” hard drives, that to hear a silent laptop (if that’s not a contradition in terms) came as quite a surprise.
  • It’s one of the tired old “tropes” wheeled out against Linux, that things don’t generally work under the system. I plugged in an optical laptop mouse, and the Eee recognised and enabled it without a blip; similarly, I connected up an Ethernet cable to our home network, and again the 701 linked up with nary a squeak of complaint. Time will tell if this continues
  • I was soon installing some system updates, which I assume the Eee downloaded for me as soon as it detected an Internet connection and could contact the update servers. Amongst other ‘goodies’, Asus had made available an update to Firefox 3 and Flash 10, and it also looks like Skype 2.x was pre-installed, so I can make use of the built-in webcam for video-calling.

There’s plenty more to come, and I’ll post here as I try new things, whether they work or not. In the meantime, welcome to the Planetoid, and feel free to tag along…



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