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Back to square one

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Well, congratulate me. I’ve only owned my Eee 701 for about one week, and already it looks like I’m going to have to perform my first “factory reset“.

It’s my own silly fault, of course. Whilst I’m quite familiar with the Linux concept of software package repositories—and that one should be careful not to mix the wrong ones together—it appears that this is more or less what I’ve just done on my 701. This basically means that I now have a bit of a jumble of software on the machine, meaning that some applications won’t now install because of “unmet dependencies”.

After some to-ing and fro-ing at the EeeUser forum, the best (least worst?) course of action sounds like reinstalling the system to its “factory default” and starting again. Obviously it’s a bit of a pain to have to do this, but the alternatives (basically, soldiering on with a mixed system) are no better, and at least I haven’t had much time to make many changes, so I figure I’m better off “biting the bullet” now while things are relatively new.

Thanks to all at the forum for their help (especially “BL00”), and next time I’ll make sure to follow the instructions more carefully…


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