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Adobe AIR won’t fly

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The “factory reset” of my 701 yesterday seems to have achieved the desired effect, and I’ve managed to reinstall many of the apps I wanted (thanks to apt-get, it took less than half an hour). Better to get it over with now, I thought, rather than soldier on a while longer and have to do it anyway with more hassle. Ho-hum.

However, to save me getting too carried away with success, I’ve encountered a boulder in the road to mobile computing perfection…

…which is, in a nutshell: the Adobe AIR runtime won’t install on the Eee 701.

Yes, I know, not the end of the world, but rather annoying all the same. This is a problem to me, almost entirely because it means I can’t then install TweetDeck, my favourite app for working with Twitter and Facebook.

I won’t touch on the Twitter/Eee 701 issue here, mainly because I want to return to it in a future E7P post. However, I was puzzling over why the AIR runtime wouldn’t install: despite my every effort, I just couldn’t get past a generic “failed/something went wrong/er, try contacting your administrator, yeah?” message.

Finally, I gave in and called for help at the EeeUser forum, where a kind passer-by patiently suggested that I might check the system requirements for AIR (and helpfully posted them to save me the trouble of hunting them down 🙂 ).

Here’s the ‘nub’ of the matter: “officially”, the Eee 701 is too under-powered to install Adobe AIR, let alone run it.

Yes, I know the 701 is underclocked to 630MHz, and can be sped up to its “native” 900, but that’s not a step I’m willing to take quite yet (I mean, asbestos trousers aren’t as easy to come by as they once were). It means that I’m not going to be able to run TweetDeck, or most other multi-column Twitter clients, which inexplicably seem to be AIR-based these days.

So, for the time being, my search for a decent Twitter program continues. If you were thinking of getting AIR running on your 701, I just hope that this post saves you the trouble…

…unless, of course, you’ve found a way round it?



  1. AIR ran OK on my 701 but for one problem that was not really an AIR issue.

    The New York Times Reader application uses AIR. Unfortunately the user interface of this app doesn’t fit in the 701 screen. I complained loudly to the NY Times help desk about it, even providing screenshots to show how they could fix it, but they had no clue what I was going on about.

    The Jolicloud alpha OS includes AIR and it officially supports the 701.

    Comment by Energizer — 2009/10/30 @ 01:14

    • I’ve done a bit more research since writing this post, and it seems that some people have managed to get AIR installed on their 701s after all.

      My guess is that as I originally thought, the installer is failing due to insufficient free memory, so somehow I have to work out a way to free up some RAM, long enough to complete the installation. Anyway, thanks for your comment – it gives me some hope! 🙂

      Comment by Tim — 2009/10/30 @ 07:08

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  3. […] passing: if you’ve been following E7P since late last year, you may recall that at that time I reported being unable to get the Adobe AIR runtime installed on my 701 with the default Xandros OS, meaning that TweetDeck was, literally, a non-starter. Fortunately, under Eeebuntu, TweetDeck […]

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