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My Eee Desktop – November 2009

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I’ve been experimenting with creating my own Fluxbox “styles” (desktop themes) lately, and this provides me with an excuse to launch a new regular feature here at E7P: My Eee Desktop. Every month around this time, I’ll try and post a screenshot of how the desktop on my 701 looks—I do tend to ‘tinker’ around with how it looks, so hopefully there will be the odd change or two to show off!

I actually have two Fluxbox themes I’ve been working on, but will save one for next month (for reasons which should become clearer then). In the meantime, then, here is My Eee Desktop for November 2009:

'IT Crowd' Fluxbox theme

Eee 701 desktop, showing 'IT Crowd' Fluxbox theme

This is showing my own “IT Crowd” theme, for which I used a deliberately chunky system font (note the menu, toolbar and window title bar), in keeping with the “IT geek ” theme of the show.

The system stats in the top-left of the desktop, are displayed via conky. The version of the app in the Xandros/Eee repositories is positively prehistoric (1.4.4, dating from November 2006!), so I may end up compiling my own executable of the latest version, if I find myself with nothing else to do sometime…

The top-right “stack” is a collection of “dockapps”, displaying in the Fluxbox “slit”. From the top down, they are:

  • wmbubble – monitors CPU activity and memory usage levels
  • wmnd – network activity monitor
  • wmwave – wireless network stats display
  • wmifinfo – shows various stats regarding current network connection(s)
  • wmweather+ – weather applet, including satellite photo (not shown)
  • wmfishtime – animated analogue clock and calendar

I’ll post another screenshot of my desktop next month. In the meantime, if you’d like further information on how this was set up, configured, etc., please let me know via the comments box below.


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