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My Eee Desktop – December 2009

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The weeks have rolled around, and it’s time to show you my 701’s desktop for December 2009, which appropriately enough has a distinctly ‘Christmassy’ theme:

Screenshot of 'Festive' Fluxbox theme

A Christmassy style for Fluxbox: 'Festive'

This is a Fluxbox ‘style’—the FB terminology for a ‘theme’—which I created myself, called “Festive”. I can’t remember where I picked up the wallpaper, but I have a vague recollection it may have hailed from Jeffrey Zeldman’s Daily Report blog (I’ll update this entry if I find out). The typeface used for the menus, toolbars, etc. is Century Schoolbook, which I rather like for this particular desktop style—stylish and a little “olde wurlde”, whilst still remaining legible.

As with last month’s desktop, the system stats on the desktop (top-left) are provided by Conky, and the “dockapps” haven’t changed much, with the exception of wmfishtime being replaced by wmcalclock (just for a change).

Next month’s “My Eee Desktop” might look a bit different, as I hope by then that I may have found a replacement Linux distribution for the Asus-tweaked Xandros-based Linux which came with my 701. I think it’s likely to be Eeebuntu, but I’m hoping that whatever I install, I will be able to use Fluxbox as the window manager, as I really like its ‘minimalist’ look and feel, and think it works very well on the 701’s modest hardware.

But that is for another week, as Christmas will be here in a few days. I may drop by here once or twice before the end of the year, but whether I manage it or not: have a very happy Christmas (or however else you might celebrate this time of the year), and I hope you enjoy whatever Santa happens to bring in that unfeasibly large sack in his flying sleigh 😉


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