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My Eee Desktop – January 2010

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It’s that time of the month again (no sniggering at the back, there), where I give you a snapshot of how my Eee 701’s desktop is looking at the moment… and it’s a bit of a departure from this time four weeks ago:

My Eee Desktop - Jan 2010

Eeebuntu 3 desktop with Conky

Shortly after the December 2009 desktop screenshot was posted, I installed Eeebuntu 3 on the 701, and this pic shows how I’ve currently got it set up.

The system stats overlaid on the desktop come courtesy of Conky (as seen on the previous month’s screenshot). I took the .conkyrc (configuration) file from my old setup, and modified it to take into account the new OS, much newer version of Conky, etc. (as well as changing the font). There’s still a bit of work to do on the configuration, and you’ll notice that there’s still a shaded window border—this is due to the Compiz window manager, and the fact that the Compiz settings app is so buggy that it won’t let me make any changes. However, I can live with it for a bit, as there’s another possible OS change in the pipeline (of which more in a moment).

The background image came from a stock photo—I haven’t settled on a desktop image yet, though I probably will before long. The top and bottom GNOME ‘panels’ are both set as “translucent”; I have moved the Eeebuntu app icons “dock” (actually, another GNOME panel) from the bottom to the left-hand edge, and set it to auto-hide, appearing when the mouse pointer moves to that edge.

Next month’s desktop may change further, as at time of writing (late January 2010), the beta release of the next version of Eeebuntu (v4) is due to be made public any day now. The word is that the distro will be renamed from Eeebuntu, as it wil be based on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and I for one am hoping that it will build on what makes Eeebuntu 3 my Linux of choice for my 701, whilst fixing the few areas where I think v3 is weaker (mainly around the Compiz (window manager) side of things).

But that’s for another post, or two…


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