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My Eee Desktop – February 2010

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You’ll have to wait a bit longer for my initial thoughts on the Eeebuntu v4 beta release (though I will say that I may wait until I can find out if it’s possible to upgrade my Eeebuntu 3 setup), but it’s just about time for my latest Eee 701 desktop screenshot, so here it comes:

My Eee desktop for February 2010

My Eee Desktop - February 2010

As you can see, this is a gradual evolution from the January 2010 desktop, with only a few minor tweaks around the edges. The wallpaper is one of the Mac OS X “Leopard” images; I can’t now remember where I found it, but someone had resized all the Leopard wallpapers to 800×480, so I now have the same image on my Eee and our iMac 🙂

The other notable improvement is that I have finally learned how to eliminate the “window shadow” which Compiz applies to Conky (the app which overlays the system stats, which you can see on the right of the screenshot). This Ubuntu forum post gives some pointers for “seamless Conky”, but basically you have to set an exception in the Compiz settings for Conky. Because of the GNOME desktop, Conky has to run in its own window on top (instead of in the root window), so a combination of Conky and Compiz configurations is needed to give the illusion that the system stats are appearing directly on the desktop.

It’s possible that next month’s screenshot might bring a few more changes, as the final version of Eeebuntu 4 (or whatever they chose to call it) may be out by that time. However, that is a question for another post; in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this month’s window on my Eee’s desktop.

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  2. You may also want to try
    Leeenux Linux, built on Ubuntu, but designed for the Eee PC 701/702 smaller screen. I tried a few distros including Easy Peasy, but I’m happy with the latest version of Leeenux.. version 3.
    Here’s their link:

    Comment by Robert Williamson — 2010/04/01 @ 00:54

    • Thanks Robert – I have to admit I haven’t heard of Leeenux, but I’m downloading the “Standard” and “Gamer” ISOs today, and will try and give them a test run over the Easter weekend. I was looking for a new article topic, so this is quite timely!

      Have a good Easter,

      Comment by Tim — 2010/04/01 @ 05:51

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