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My Eee Desktop – April 2010

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My Eee Desktop - April 2010

My Eee Desktop - April 2010 (Eeebuntu v3)

Long-time readers of E7P (come on, I know there’s someone out there 😉 ) may have wondered why I didn’t post an instalment of the monthly “My Eee Desktop” in March.

OK, I admit it: I just didn’t get around to it, but also, there’s not much different to show you, as the world is still awaiting version 4 of Eeebuntu, and as a result I’m still using v3. Noting much wrong with that; just that you won’t notice a great deal of change since February’s desktop.

The main change of any significance, is that the bottom ‘panel’ now auto-hides (i.e. it only pops up when the mouse pointer moves over it). This just gives me a bit more vertical screen space, which—let’s face it—is usually at a premium on the 701. Oh, and the wallpaper is taken from Mac OS X “Leopard”—I have a Mac, but someone (I forget who) had resized it for the 800×480 Eee 701 screen, so I made use of their good work 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this one—now, back to our regular scheduled stuff…


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