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Colour correction in The GIMP: an appeal for help

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I’m hoping someone reading this might be able to help with a query of mine—it’s only tangentially-related to my Eee 701, but at the moment this is the only blog outlet I have running 🙂

We have a Canon IXUS 500 digital camera, which we’ve owned since 2004. Amongst other things, it was the camera which captured the birth of our daughter, so we have a bit of an attachment to “Old Faithful”! Unfortunately, it has developed a CCD fault (possibly due to internal corrosion, which we discovered when we sent it for repair), which renders white areas of the picture as light pink.

Whilst the photos look fine when converted to black-and-white, I’d prefer to be able to correct the colour grading on each image so the white areas appear correctly. My software tool of choice is The GIMP (hence the Eee 701/Linux angle), and the question I’m seeking to answer is: how can I use The GIMP to correct the colour-grading of photos?

The best “lead” I’ve found to date, is the tutorial “Correcting white balance in the GIMP” at, which I may be able to put to use here. However, if anyone knows any other alternative methods which might work better, please could you drop me a line, either via the comments here or on my Twitter feed (or even both)?

Many thanks!

And before I go…

Apologies for the distinct lack of posts over the summer—I’ll be back here shortly with a piece related to making Internet phone calls on the Eee without Skype (ooooh), and a “companion” of sorts to my post on using a USB-serial cable with Linux. Bet you can’t wait 😉


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