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My Eee Desktop – September 2010

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It’s time to post my latest Eee 701 desktop screenshot, and this time there are a couple of small additions…

My Eee Desktop - September 2010

My Eee Desktop - September 2010

If you remember August’s desktop, you may recall the arrival of Avant Window Navigator (AWN)—that’s the Mac-like “dock” at the bottom of the screen. I have now given it a “glass”-like theme, and added a “menu” applet (it’s the Ubuntu icon on the left of the dock).

Some AWN users end up ditching the “traditional” GNOME menu panel completely in favour of AWN. I may not do that just yet, as the AWN in the Eeebuntu v3 repositories is an older one which (IIRC) doesn’t support multiple instances (i.e. so you can have several AWN docks, perhaps on more than one screen edge). I also think I would miss the GNOME notification area (here, in the top panel), so unless AWN can replace this, I might just keep a GNOME panel around for notifications.

You may also notice that I added the GNOME “sticky notes” panel applet—it’s an experiment at this point in time, and I may try out other “reminder” options, such as Remember The Milk and its AWN applet. (I’m also hoping to test out Tomboy, though from what I can see, that offers a wider world of possibilities than simple “reminder” notes. If I ever get around to trying it out, I’ll let you know.)

Hope you enjoyed this one, and that I’ll get the chance to show you an Aurora desktop by the end of 2010 😉


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