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My Eee Desktop – October 2010

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As the first anniversary of my acquiring my Eee 701 approaches, it’s time once again to show you how the machine’s desktop looks this month:


View of Eee 701 desktop

My Eee Desktop (Eeebuntu v3) - October 2010


Continuing the more speedy evolution of the past month or two, the main difference compared to last month’s desktop screenshot is not quite what it appears at first glance.

It might look as if I have finally ditched the top GNOME panel (with the “Applications” menu and so on), as I said I ultimately wanted to. However, I found I couldn’t quite get by without this yet (owing to the AWN dock applets not quite offering all the functionality I wanted), so I merely set the panel to “auto-hide”. This gives me the full screen-height for application windows, whilst still retaining the top panel in case I need it.

The wallpaper comes from this forum post; I merely resized it to 800×480, but I think it looks fine, not getting too much in the way of the Conky system stats display.

Barring the release of Aurora (the planned next-generation replacement for Eeebuntu) within the next few months, I don’t foresee many further changes to my Eee’s desktop in the short-term, aside from “cycling” the wallpaper every now and then.

Having said that, I’m always open to surprises; maybe it’s time for me to start tinkering with Fluxbox again…


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