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My Eee Desktop – December 2010 (and a message)

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With apologies for not bringing you an Eee 701 desktop pic for last month (and, for that matter, any other posts!), here’s my screenshot for December 2010:

Eeebuntu v3 (Linux) desktop on my Eee 701SD

My Eee Deskop - December 2010

Yes, I know, not exactly much of an evolution from October’s desktop (and more on that theme in a moment); in fact, it’s basically identical aside from the Christmassy wallpaper, which I picked up from the Free Christmas Wallpapers site.

It’s now just about twelve months (Christmas 2009)  since I installed Eeebuntu v3 , in the hope that the next iteration of the distribution (renamed AuroraOS) would be only a couple of months away. Unless the new system has been released via some back door, the world is still waiting as of December 2010, and whilst I have been happy in general with Eeebuntu, I feel the OS is starting to show its age. It’s based on Ubuntu Jaunty—released in April 2009, now almost two years ago—and frankly I’m getting a little annoyed at all the Ubuntu advances I read about at Web Upd8, which I can’t take advantage of as they usually require a more recent Ubuntu.

Quite simply, I feel I’m coming to a point where I am considering trying one of the new Ubuntu releases—possibly the “netbook” edition of Natty Narwhal, which is due in April (thus giving the Aurora team ample opportunity to get their OS out of the door 😉 ). To be fair, aside from a few niggles I can live with, Eeebuntu currently does pretty well everything I need in a netbook OS, so I can probably wait a few months before taking any radical steps.

Another reason I’m not in a massive hurry—and a factor in there not having been any posts here since October—is that I’m using my Eee a bit less than I used to, owing to my acquiring a Nokia N8 mobile phone in November. Especially when paired with a Bluetooth keyboard (and mouse, if you have one, which I don’t (yet)), and/or a HDMI-equipped TV or monitor, the N8 comes as close as any mobile device I’ve yet used, to providing an alternative to a netbook for mobile computing activities.

There’s a whole potential article I could write on this if I ever get the opportunity, but suffice it to say for now, that going forward, I am unlikely to be posting here on a regular basis. I started this blog almost as a “notepad” for my experiments with the Eee 701—partly for my own reference, but also in case my findings could be of help to any other 701 or Linux users. I hope that has been the case; whilst this is not “goodbye”, and whatever happens, this blog is likely to stay online indefinitely, I thought I should let you know that I don’t think there will be regular updates here from now on. You’re most welcome to keep this in your RSS reader, though, so that you’ll catch anything I do write 🙂

Happy Christmas, best wishes for 2011, and thanks for reading!


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