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My Eee Desktop – October 2011

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For this month’s “My Eee Desktop”, I’ve a special treat for you: not one, but two screenshots, both taken within the last two weeks…

Screenshot of desktop

My Eee Desktop - October 2011 (modified WinSpace)

Here is the first, and let’s start with the “theme”: it’s a modified version of the Windows 95-influenced “WinSpace”, one of a set of themes created for Fluxbox’s predecessor Blackbox. I needed to make a few adjustments, mainly to the fonts (to adapt to the Eee’s 800×480 screen), but also to make the window borders match the background colour for the main feature…

The apps in the “slit” on the right-hand side here, have changed quite a bit even since the last desktop shot from a few weeks ago. Two apps have remained (wmdrawer at the top, with the Arch Linux logo, and wmvolman (the one with the disk icon)), but the other dockapps have “gone on holiday”, to be replaced by two others.

In the bottom-right is wmbinclock, a binary clock display (check out the app’s home page to find out how to tell the time from it). This app is not even in the Arch User Repository (AUR), so I had to compile it from the source code—still, it scores me a few points on the “geek scale”…

Sandwiched inbetween the dockapps, is another old fave: the venerable GKrellM system monitor, here using the “Hardware” “skin”. The slit has “pseudo-transparency” switched on, mainly to show off the GKrellM design.

Call the above the cartoon before the main feature…

Screenshot image of "TheGrid" Fluxbox theme

My Eee Desktop - October 2011 (TheGrid)

Here is my current desktop setup, which I can see myself sticking with for a while. I have to say I’m quite pleased with my latest Fluxbox theme here, which I modified heavily from an earlier one of mine. I was going for a “TRON”-influenced look—all cyan-neon text and lines—and call this theme “TheGrid”. The background isn’t an image, but a gradient-fill defined in the theme file—the computer world in the original “TRON” always seemed to have that “just before dawn” look, which inspired my choice of background.

The “slit” has been reworked again, and I’ve added a couple of new monitors to the GKrellM stack (still experimenting on that front; since this shot was taken, I’ve replaced the CPU graph with a “photo frame” plugin). The GKrellM “skin” is called “CoplandOS”, and I think it blends quite well with the rest of the theme. Note the XMMS plugin in the GKrellM stack—that’s quite handy, and can almost replace the main XMMS interface (but for me, not quite).

Only two dockapps remain: wmdrawer at the top (with a new Arch Linux logo image for the “button”—I have also activated the drawer in this shot), and wmvolman at the bottom (I haven’t yet found a GKrellM plugin which does the same job with automounted volumes).

I may not present a desktop post next month, but if not, I’ll treat you to something suitably festive for December 🙂


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