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My Eee Desktop – December 2011

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With the festive season bearing down on us like Santa and his reindeer in a round-the-world race, and Christmas is ho-ho-hoving into view [that’s enough awful metaphors and puns, Tim – Ed.], it’s time to wheel out my suitably seasonal Eee desktop screenshot for December 2011:

Desktop screenshot with Christmas theme

My Eee Desktop - December 2011

Actually, I’m already thinking about revamping this setup, at least with regard to the wallpaper, which I feel is a bit “busy” (especially as Conky is being displayed on top of it). Otherwise, I think it captures the mood of this time of year pretty well…

You may have noticed that Cairo Composite Manager is still running—I was wondering recently if it was possible to run Conky, xsnow and Cairo at the same time, but I haven’t found a way at time of writing, so I’ve decided to leave xsnow on the sidelines for the moment.

Not much else to report here, except to explain the white square in the “slit” on the right-hand side: it’s supposed to be the XMMS spectrum analyser dockapp, but for some reason it didn’t show up in this screenshot.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this month’s My Eee Desktop, and if that’s not enough festive fun for you, try checking out  the December 2009 and December 2010 entries 🙂


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