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My Raspberry Pi – a Flickr photoset

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Raspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - HDMI port-sideRaspberry Pi Model B, just after unboxingRaspberry Pi Model B atop Asus Eee 701SD netbookRaspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - Ethernet and USB portsRaspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - analogue audio and composite video outputRaspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - SD card slot
Raspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - undersideRaspberry Pi Model B in PiHouse case - operational

Raspberry Pi Model B, a set on Flickr.

I took delivery of a PiHouse case for my Raspberry Pi Model B over the weekend, and when I’d assembled and installed everything (I’ll try and put together a review shortly), I took a few photos and put together a Flickr photoset of “ryo-ohki” (my Pi), to show off the new case.

For “completion’s sake”, I also added in a couple of pics from when I first took delivery of my Model B. Hope you enjoy these:-)


  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me where you bought that case from please? I’d like to purchase one of these for my own Pi.

    Many thanks,


    Comment by Steve — 2012/07/02 @ 13:16

    • Hi Steve – the case is a PiHouse. I’m personally very happy with mine; you need to be a bit careful when you assemble it (especially, follow the instructions they send you), but the PiHouse looks worth the effort in the end.

      Hope this helps – thanks for commenting!


      Comment by Tim — 2012/07/02 @ 16:27

      • Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’ve just ordered one:)


        Comment by Steve — 2012/07/02 @ 21:58

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