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Hello, and thanks for dropping by… and even more so, for navigating to this page to find out what it’s all about. I am very grateful.

Photo of my Eee 701SD (8Gb)

My Eee 701SD (8Gb)

“Eee 701 Planetoid” started out, basically, as an “offshoot”, or “overflow”, of my primary blog, Sidingsound (no longer running). I started “E7P” purely to hold my recorded observations, experiences, tips, tricks and other ephemera, connected with my ownership (as of November 2009) of an Asus Eee PC 701SD 8Gb mini-mini-laptop, or “netbook” as the IT press seemingly decided to nickname them.

(Oh, and why “Eee 701 Planetoid“? Well, I wanted to just call the blog “Eee 701 Planet“, but that implies to me that it would be the definitive, all-conquering resource for all things Eee 701-related, and my ambitions for it at this stage are somewhat more modest! It also helps that a “planetoid” is another name for a “moon” or “satellite”, which to me sums up nicely the original relationship of this blog to its parent.)

Hiving this off into a separate blog allows me to specialise the subject matter, as well as avoid clogging up my main blog with lots of posts about the Eee, as I imagine that not every reader of the main blog will want to read all about the minutiae of using ultra-portable laptops running Linux.

And, if I’m honest, this blog provides me with an excuse to put my mostly-dormant account into service. It’s something of a budget operation, hence the use of one of the “preset” site templates here (you have to cough up a few dollars for the right to customise your own site appearance), but it’s surely the words (and sounds, pictures, etc.) that count, so I hope you will indulge me on the site-aesthetic front.

I feel it only fair to warn readers that this site may contain information on gadgets, snippets of source code, Linux arcana and sundry other material of a highly geeky nature, but if you’ve come through to here I suspect you were looking for it on Google anyway (or you know me personally, and wonder what I’m up to now), therefore I trust you are adequately fortified.

So, without any further ado: it’s off to the Planetoid. Lift-off is imminent: don’t forget your spacesuit 🙂

Tim Walker
November 2009 (updated October 2010)


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