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Raspberry Pi ordered at last…

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Apologies for the total lack of updates for a while here—I’ve been kept busy with the infamous “other things” (aren’t we all?), but also… well, to be honest, I’m pretty much “ticking over” with the Eee. I’ve got the system more or less the way I want it, and I doubt there’s going to be much to report on the Eee front for a while (unless I feel like telling you how I managed to sort out the current package-update failures, and that depends on whether I do sort them out!).

That said, this blog could be about to get a shot in the proverbial ARM… pun intended 😉

Back in January, I posted here about the Raspberry Pi, a $35 ARM-based computer on a board the size of a credit card, aimed at helping schoolchildren in the UK to start learning how to program. Obviously, techies around the world got enthused, and immense interest in the Raspberry Pi meant that even two months after its launch, to date only a few fortunate computing fans have managed to order and take delivery of the first run of “RasPi’s”.

Well, you will shortly be able to count yours truly amongst their number, as I have just placed my order for one of these little beauties 🙂 I understand it should be despatched within the next few days, and hopefully that means I should take delivery of my Raspberry Pi some time next week.

I’m planning to run the ARM version of Arch Linux on the RasPi when it arrives (though I may settle for Debian/ARM if Arch/ARM is too lacking in features—watch this space), so I hope I can transfer at least some of what I’ve learned with Arch/x86 on the Eee, to the Pi.

What I don’t know yet, is what all this will mean for this blog. My first choice would be to rename it, to accommodate coverage of my experiences with the RasPi as well as the Eee—however, I need to look at what a change of blog title would mean for the URL, and ensure that links to the blog are not severed. If I can’t change the name without these issues, I may have to set up a “sister” blog for the Pi, though I’d rather not do this if I can help it, as I’d like to keep the Eee and Pi material together as far as possible.

Anyway, thanks for keeping E7P in your feed reader (!), and watch this space for further developments…



New contact form added

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Just while I’m working on a new post or two for E7P (honest!): I’ve added a contact form page to the blog, in case anyone wishes to drop me a direct line rather than leave a comment on a post.

Now, back to work…


New theme

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Just a quick note to point out that I’m trying another of the free WordPress themes for this blog—it’s fluid-width like the previous theme (so it should display reasonably well on an 800-pixels-wide screen like the Eee 701’s 🙂 ), and looks to my eyes at least, a bit lighter and “airier” than its predecessor.

None of which will make any difference if you’re reading this in an RSS aggregator or via the automatic “mobile” view, but I thought I’d just mention it in case you thought you’d come to the wrong blog by mistake…


Bits and pieces

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Just thought I’d post back here quickly to let you know I haven’t given up on this blog, though it’s been incredibly busy lately so I haven’t had many chances to put anything up here. I’m preparing a few new items for E7P, but in the meantime, here’s a taster of what’s (hopefully) in the pipeline:

  • I’ve noticed that Flickr seems to have quite a few photos along the lines of “What’s in your (netbook/gadget) bag?”, so there’ll probably be a post along those lines in the next couple of weeks or so.
  • On that subject, I recently bought a Belkin 7″ padded netbook bag, and I hope to post a review of this coming up soon.
  • One of my main birthday presents this year was a 500Gb Freecom portable USB hard drive, and I’m already putting together a post about how I’ve prepared it for use with my 701 (this may well come first in the queue :)).
  • I’ve been tinkering around with the Fluxbox desktop I installed on my 701 a few weeks back, including creating a couple of new “styles” (desktop themes), so look out for a feature on this in the not-so-distant future.
  • Finally: I am hoping to find the time to make some more videos for this blog, and depending on how these go, I am thinking of starting a videoblog here devoted to the Eee 701. This would be a lot of work, so I think I would “start small”, and go from there.

Sorry: must dash, but thanks for watching, and there will be more here soon…


Test transmission

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This is Eee 701 Planetoid, broadcasting from the studios of Sidingsound, via the transmitters of the network. Programmes from this blog will commence shortly.

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