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Yamaha Guitalele… with transducer pickup

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Yamaha Guitalele... with transducer pickup

Yamaha Guitalele… with transducer pickup,
originally uploaded by tawalker.

I can’t remember the last time a musical instrument “captured” me quite as much as the Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele (well, unless you count the iPod Touch with Garageband, and even that comes second), but I couldn’t help thinking it was missing a couple of things for my taste: an internal transducer pickup and an extra strap button… now my GL-1 has both. Yamaha: how about a “GL-1x” – an electro model, perhaps with a cutaway?

Still, I’m happy with mine 🙂

(Note: this got posted to E7P rather than my “personal/musical” site, but I’m keeping it here as it’s probably in your feed-readers, subscriptions, etc. by now… 😉 )


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